We are hoping that a 20mph speed limit will make the streets safer, quieter and less threatening as well as lower pollution from car emissions and make a positive impact on the environment. People will be able to walk their dogs, children will be able to play in the streets as they once did and cyclists will be able to pass through small villages and towns without the threat of a collision.

We must also be realistic. There will always be those who are resistant to change; more than likely the very authorities we will be approaching with this campaign. However we must all come together and speak as one in order to make them listen to what we have to say! This petition is only the beginning. The benefits to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists cannot be ignored and are freely available, the cost is minimal compared to the price of placing speed bumps etc. and the number of communities throughout the country supporting and incorporating 20mph speed zones is growing.

We can make a difference!

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